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Welcome to my personal SCA home page! If you're looking for basic information, try my user profile on this site. The table of contents at the bottom of this page lists the articles I've published here, or you can visit my photo galleries. There is also my blog if you're into such things.

Interests and Activities

In the SCA, I'm a dabbler in many things and an expert in very few. I enjoy armoring, woodworking, and sewing (though I am still a beginner), and am trying to learn heraldry. I do participate in armoured combat, though I don't have the time to practice enough to get really good at it.

Along with my wife, Milica, I co-founded (and still run) the living history newswire site SCAtoday.net.

Offices Held

I had the honor of serving as the first Seneschal of the Marche of Alderford, and later as a Regional Seneschal for the Oaken Region (modern-world Ohio and Kentucky) and as Database Deputy to the Seneschal of the Middle Kingdom. I've also served for a number of years as the Web Minister for Alderford and as a Master Chirurgeon. In 2003, I had the opportunity to serve as the Chirurgeon-In-Charge for Pennsic War 32.

I am currently the Chief Technical Officer of the SCA, Inc., a deputy to the Society Seneschal. Basically, that means I am in charge of running the sca.org servers for web, database, and email, though I don't personally maintain the content on the web site itself.

In an unofficial capacity, I am co-owner of the SCANewcomers list on YahooGroups™.

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